The Team



Chocolatin is the former author of BetterDungeons/ChocolateQuest/CQC, he built the entire Chocolate Quest mod himself, and, outside of a small fraction of the textures and dungeon structures, single-handedly did every single thing in the mod’s 1.7.10 version, as well as every older version. His current whereabouts are unknown.


Arlo is our Project Leader and also America’s future president. He is responsible for bringing the original mod’s dungeons into the new version, as well as various odd jobs around the project.


DerToaster is our head of development and a software engineer.

He is responsible for creating the dungeon system as well as most of the mobs, bosses and their ai and some smaller tools. Also he made some of the mob models and item textures.

He also created the CQR website and created the dungeon share platform.



Kalgogsmash is another one of our developers. He created the randomized castle generator and items including the spears and hookshots. Kalgog did not play the original CQC, but he is a huge fantasy nerd so he is also working on the game lore and future content ideas.


Meldexun is a developer since Aug 2019. Since his first experience with CQC he loved the mod and also built some dungeons. When he discovered CQR he wanted to be a part of it to bring back the mod in its old glory. He started working on mobs and their AI and continued with working on the dungeon system, various items and other stuff.


Tiviacz1337 is one of the earliest developers working on the mod. He coded most of the weapons and armor items along with blocks. That includes bonus abilities for full armor sets and special actions of swords and guns


Xyron was a Frontend developer and UI engineer working on the looks and feels of the dungeon share platform in collaboration with Der Toaster.



Makes low poly, pixel art models and textures. Worked mainly on remaking the item models/textures and mob textures of the mod. He also made a mod called Grimoire of Gaia.

Sir Squidly

Sir Squidly is one of the earliest artists to join the team, creating pixel art textures and models.

Primarily did most of the Block textures, some entity models and textures, and various misc graphics.

Is also a modder of various other video games.

Notable helping hands


Scooptwoo was a moderator on our discord and helped out answering questions.


Chefguy is a person that has collected information about old chocolate quest versions and has set up an archive for those.


Of course we need to mention the various translators of the mod as well! Thank you all for translating our mod into all those different languages!

  • xlagdore12#9269 for translating to italian
  • oplayero yadone #7191 for translating to korean
  • Moko#0842 for translating to chinese
  • xDemonBoy#9136 for translating to portugese
  • Atum262#5699 for translating to brazilian portuguese
  • Luker#0228 for translating to brazilian portuguese
  • Guilherme#6204 for translating to brazilian portuguese
  • sallomma for translating to brazilian portuguese