Alpha 5

Alpha 5 released, it’s a tiny little baby build that: Fixes the server crash with the latest forge versions. Model & Texture & Animation & Bounding box for Force Field Nexus (still doesn’t actually do anything.) Proper Phylactery bounding box. Some background stuff that won’t matter to you until we re-enable the protection system in … Read more

Alpha 4

Alpha 4 has been released, it contains: One new castle, Nea Ekkleasia. One new pirate ship type, the one from the exporting tutorial video. Major changes to how loot behaves. More different kinds of items appear in chests by default, and random enchantments are now supported. Dungeon block protection feature removed until further notice (we … Read more

Alpha 3

Tiny little hotfix build that tweaks the “creature types” of CQR mobs, won’t matter 99% of the time, but now for instance the smite enchantment deals bonus damage to the lich.

Alpha 2

Day 1 patch time boys! I asked the team to take a break from working on the mod for 24 hours after it released, and hoo boy did they not listen! Here’s some patch notes: The winner of the poll for the next dungeon type in #news was castles, however, since this isn’t a democracy, … Read more

Alpha 1

Is the mod finally finished? No, not by a long shot. Should you put it in your modpack? Also probably no. But, can you play it now? Yes. Yes you can. Here is the mod file, latest 1.12 build of forge. Once the project gets approved, you can get it on curseforge here: Otherwise, … Read more