Alpha 16

Added proper size scaling for mobs Improved “call for help” Added Pathing AI, which atm is “just there” New Airship Variant New Castles New Snow outpost Gremlin Banner Illagers now make illager sounds Turtle is almost done but still unstable but you can try it Fix for golem texture Hookshoot now pulls entities towards you … Read more

Alpha 15.2

This fixes the exporting mechanism not working correctly, it was caused by someone deleting the code for the non-development environment

Alpha 15

This update contains fixes, improvements and removes things Less console spam forge 2847 is now required castle fire places shouldnt set the whole place on fire anymore Most CQR mobs can go through doors now CQR mobs now call for help, this means that nearby allies will come to help it Continued turtle, still not … Read more

Alpha 14

This is the update that made CQR fast Changes: Added volcano stronghold chain on hookshoots small randomized snow castles do exist now added a small snow outpost for you to discover changed icons of some dungeons (castles and randomized castles) internal restructuring of the structure file placing huge structure now causes less lag (if they … Read more

Alpha 13.1

Not a public release! Fixed various errors in exporting process cause of changes earlier. Also added snow outpost and updated all current structures (which are probably broken) Began animating tortoise properly Fixed metadata not working in loot tables

Alpha 13

This version is not recommended for use! Mostly contains internal changes to how structures spawn which made the old structure files incompatible. Once Arlo re-exported all those there will be a “public” build that can be used.

Alpha 12

adds model for spider armor adds model for inquisition armor fixed a bug were equipping helmet or chestpiece of a CQR armor also rendered the boots One new castle hookshoot: more developed and stable structures should now care about nearby villages internal stuff possibility for dungeons to depend on other dungeons (see wiki for this) … Read more

Alpha 11.2

Smaller buildThis contains as always a lot of bug fixing added Super Tool Volcano generation improvement Less lag Volcano generator, but it is sloweryou need to delete your volcano.prop and randomizedCastle.prop file for this build to properly work