Alpha 13

This version is not recommended for use! Mostly contains internal changes to how structures spawn which made the old structure files incompatible. Once Arlo re-exported all those there will be a “public” build that can be used.

Alpha 12

adds model for spider armor adds model for inquisition armor fixed a bug were equipping helmet or chestpiece of a CQR armor also rendered the boots One new castle hookshoot: more developed and stable structures should now care about nearby villages internal stuff possibility for dungeons to depend on other dungeons (see wiki for this) … Read more

Alpha 11.2

Smaller buildThis contains as always a lot of bug fixing added Super Tool Volcano generation improvement Less lag Volcano generator, but it is sloweryou need to delete your volcano.prop and randomizedCastle.prop file for this build to properly work

Alpha 11

Bull armor Began work to display custom armor (from CQR) better on CQR mobs various bug fixes various bug fixes that caused crashes on servers gremlin model tweaking and adjusting as always

Alpha 10

Fix for volcano crash (!!delete the volcano.prop file before installing this update!!) volcanoes and wall cause way less lag now, however this system is not quite finished, so please: when it is trying to generate a volcano: Do not close the game or server, if you do, it will stop the generation, will be finished … Read more

Alpha 9

This build contains aggain mostly fixes for a few bugs. Also it adds: long shoot (also WIP) Gremlin model AI Updates Entity server crash fixes endermen now teleport when hit by an arrow not all CQR mobs ignite torches from now on (same for extinguishing fire) monkeys now try to leap attack their target Item … Read more

Alpha 8.2

Bugfix build, fixes hookshots crashing servers AGAIN and fixes a bug on servers that caused CQR entities to not be spawnable