Beta 6.2

Additions: Added advancements for defeating the new bosses Added a config option to disable the walker king fog Changes: Changed the champion and challenger advancements to also include the new bosses Patches & Fixes: Fixed #301 (light index out of bounds) Fixed #300 (spectral balsam having the wrong name) Fixed cqr-banners not getting exported properly … Read more

Beta 6.1

Additions: None, this is a patch update Changes: Endermen summoned by the Ender Calamity may now drop a healing potion with a 33% chance Patches & Fixes: Fixed #296 (G-Lib version) Fixed #297 (Scala imports being present…) Fixed #298 (Spin-To-Win attack not working properly)

Beta 6.0

Before you read on: This is the last update for 1.12.2. We will now begin updating the mod to a newer version of minecraft (well, soon, not instantly now).However, we will still work on bugfixes for 1.12.2 and thus 1.12.2 will continue to receive bugfix updates. Since we are now busy updating the mod, please … Read more

Beta 5.2

Just a small patch for bugs related to #271 Additions: None Changes: Spawners in vegetated caves are now cqr spawners Gremlins in vegetated caves spawn with more variety Faction relation supports classnames too now A lot of internal changes to targeting AI Patches & Fixes: Fix for #271 and similar (door bug

Beta 5.1

Small patch for targeting AI Additions: None Changes: None Patches & Fixes: Fixed CQR entities not targeting correctly without leader

Beta 5

Well we have some small content for you. Additions: Mobs now teleport to their leaders when they are too far away Added glowing eyes to walkers, walker king, endermen and shelob Added proper tooltip to the pathtool CQR mobs now can open iron doors which are activated by buttons or levers or pressure plates Changes: … Read more

Beta 4.3

What’s this? A patch update? Well no but actually yes Additions: none, didn’t have time Changes: improved potion thrower ai, well redid it pirates now can drop bullets cqr entities may no longer strafe when they ride on something cqr entities now checks if a mount is owned by a player before mounting it walker … Read more

Beta 4.2

Ah yes, another patch update! Additions: Actually, nothing Changes: we forgot to include the geckolib dependency in the last update .__. Patches & Fixes: fixed protection config syncing in lan worlds

Beta 4.1

Ah yes, patch update! Additions: Actually, nothing Changes: tortoise ai is now more reliable and smoother tortoise hitboxes are more accurate now Patches & Fixes: patch for tortoise’s spin attack (it got stuck and transitioned wrongly) fix for issue #266 fixed crash caused by the summoning circle’s renderer