Beta 6.11

Additions: Nothing Changes: Nothing Patches & Fixes: Fixed #353 and similar (Trying to cancel uncancellable event)

Beta 6.10

Additions: Arlo created a new outpost structure Changes: Changed internal check for entityculling Patches & Fixes: Fixed #349 (NPE on ender calamity death) Fixed #352 (NPE in Soul bottle) Fixed #348 (overflow in sync packet) Fixed internal class cast exception Fixed mob griefing bypassing the protection system in certain cases

Beta 6.9

Additions: Nothing, this is a patch update Changes: Structure edges should be smoother now Tweaked ender calamity a lot Added cooldown to special attacks Torch igniter AI only executes if the mob has a flint and steel now Mounting AI should be smarter now and doesn’t auto-add saddles anymore and will re-mount mounts that were … Read more

Beta 6.8

Additions: Teleport stone now spawns particles on the location it is set to Archers drop arrows now Changes: Updated geckolib dependency to 3.0.21 Player summoned creatures drop equipped items now Force field nexus should break faster now Patches & Fixes: Xiraxis is now the boss of the mansion castle Fixed #334 (shelob spawning in stone … Read more

Beta 6.6

Additions: Nothing Changes: Nothing Patches & Fixes: Fixed some concurrent list access exceptions (#320) Fixed negative index exceptions in trades (#322)

Beta 6.3

We changed a lot in the structures so please delete your CQR folder before installing Additions: Added special cqr tnt, it is meant for dungeon creators and is there to avoid tnt cheesing Traders may now automatically restock their trades over time (by default every 60 minutes one random trade restocks) Changes: Normal tnt and … Read more

Beta 6.2

Additions: Added advancements for defeating the new bosses Added a config option to disable the walker king fog Changes: Changed the champion and challenger advancements to also include the new bosses Patches & Fixes: Fixed #301 (light index out of bounds) Fixed #300 (spectral balsam having the wrong name) Fixed cqr-banners not getting exported properly … Read more