Beta 2.4

Patch update NPE patch for hookshoots that causes servers to crash NPE patch for vanilla-structure-collision mechanic Potential patch for #248 Potential patch for #246 Fixed fire spreading in protected regions Small patch for walker king lightnings Fixed spell particles Buff damage of tortoise and walker king

Beta 2.2

Another patch release. Fix for NPE in #242 Fix for #241 CQR endermen no longer take damage from projectiles CQR endermen now have particles too Updated protected region chunk reference updating

Beta 2.1

Patches a synchronisation bug and a bug in the protection system logic. It is highly recommended to install this update.

Beta 1.3

Removed some debug outputs Removed “cascading world gen lag” warning for cqr Removed checking for unexplored structures cause it created a lot of lag Fixed spawners ignoring bottle counts Fixed reputation not saving Fixed custom texture system Navigation AI is a little bit more intelligent now Made check for nearby structures more efficient and intelligent

Beta 1.1

Now build towards forge 2847 again! Added grass on support hills to look more natural Added various tooltips in config Added EXPERIMENTAL feature to try to prevent generating duplicate dungeons (enabled by default), it is not perfect and not complete!! Added old way to handle factions (if you are on a team with the same … Read more

Alpha 27.9

Only fixes a bug related to dungeon spawning which could be a cause for some people apparently being unable to find them. In reality however the bug only caused the dungeons to be more far away from the spawn point. This was caused by miscommunications inside the devs team in terms of choosing relevant commits … Read more

Alpha 27.8

Another polishing build. Contains these improvements: Disabled generation of unlit torches in rCastles Removed unused/useless config options Updated exporter GUI Feedback messages on structure export Updated entity ranged attack Made CQR entity navigator for ground entities more performant

Alpha 27.7

Another bugfix update, don’t worry, there will be content updates soon! Patched NPE on world unload Added config options for armor and tool values Added config options for all base healths Fixed hookshot Made dungeon bricks breakable and pushable