Beta 6.6

Additions: Nothing Changes: Nothing Patches & Fixes: Fixed some concurrent list access exceptions (#320) Fixed negative index exceptions in trades (#322)

Beta 6.2

Additions: Added advancements for defeating the new bosses Added a config option to disable the walker king fog Changes: Changed the champion and challenger advancements to also include the new bosses Patches & Fixes: Fixed #301 (light index out of bounds) Fixed #300 (spectral balsam having the wrong name) Fixed cqr-banners not getting exported properly … Read more

Beta 6.1

Additions: None, this is a patch update Changes: Endermen summoned by the Ender Calamity may now drop a healing potion with a 33% chance Patches & Fixes: Fixed #296 (G-Lib version) Fixed #297 (Scala imports being present…) Fixed #298 (Spin-To-Win attack not working properly)

Beta 5.2

Just a small patch for bugs related to #271 Additions: None Changes: Spawners in vegetated caves are now cqr spawners Gremlins in vegetated caves spawn with more variety Faction relation supports classnames too now A lot of internal changes to targeting AI Patches & Fixes: Fix for #271 and similar (door bug

Beta 5.1

Small patch for targeting AI Additions: None Changes: None Patches & Fixes: Fixed CQR entities not targeting correctly without leader

Beta 4.3

What’s this? A patch update? Well no but actually yes Additions: none, didn’t have time Changes: improved potion thrower ai, well redid it pirates now can drop bullets cqr entities may no longer strafe when they ride on something cqr entities now checks if a mount is owned by a player before mounting it walker … Read more

Beta 4.2

Ah yes, another patch update! Additions: Actually, nothing Changes: we forgot to include the geckolib dependency in the last update .__. Patches & Fixes: fixed protection config syncing in lan worlds