Beta 6.12

Additions: Added testing structure for loot chests Changes: Lightning protection no longer defines a chance, instead it blocks 10% * enchantment-level of lightning damage Corrected the name of the ender calamity’s loottable Certain attributes (health, size) of the ender king now carry over to the ender calamity Patches & Fixes: Fixed #362 (hookshot travelling through … Read more

Beta 6.11

Additions: Nothing Changes: Nothing Patches & Fixes: Fixed #353 and similar (Trying to cancel uncancellable event)

Beta 6.10

Additions: Arlo created a new outpost structure Changes: Changed internal check for entityculling Patches & Fixes: Fixed #349 (NPE on ender calamity death) Fixed #352 (NPE in Soul bottle) Fixed #348 (overflow in sync packet) Fixed internal class cast exception Fixed mob griefing bypassing the protection system in certain cases

Beta 6.9

Additions: Nothing, this is a patch update Changes: Structure edges should be smoother now Tweaked ender calamity a lot Added cooldown to special attacks Torch igniter AI only executes if the mob has a flint and steel now Mounting AI should be smarter now and doesn’t auto-add saddles anymore and will re-mount mounts that were … Read more

Beta 6.8

Additions: Teleport stone now spawns particles on the location it is set to Archers drop arrows now Changes: Updated geckolib dependency to 3.0.21 Player summoned creatures drop equipped items now Force field nexus should break faster now Patches & Fixes: Xiraxis is now the boss of the mansion castle Fixed #334 (shelob spawning in stone … Read more

Beta 6.6

Additions: Nothing Changes: Nothing Patches & Fixes: Fixed some concurrent list access exceptions (#320) Fixed negative index exceptions in trades (#322)

Beta 6.2

Additions: Added advancements for defeating the new bosses Added a config option to disable the walker king fog Changes: Changed the champion and challenger advancements to also include the new bosses Patches & Fixes: Fixed #301 (light index out of bounds) Fixed #300 (spectral balsam having the wrong name) Fixed cqr-banners not getting exported properly … Read more