Beta 6.9


  • Nothing, this is a patch update


  • Structure edges should be smoother now
  • Tweaked ender calamity a lot
  • Added cooldown to special attacks
  • Torch igniter AI only executes if the mob has a flint and steel now
  • Mounting AI should be smarter now and doesn’t auto-add saddles anymore and will re-mount mounts that were owned by a cqr entity previously
  • Ender calamity tennis attack now always executes after 5 other tasks were executed
  • Ender calamity minions may no longer heal themselves or teleport

Patches & Fixes:

  • Fixed #344 (support hill generation)
  • Fixed #342 (missing spawners in mountain snow castle)
  • Fixed #341 (Xiraxis spawns as a dummy / boss blocks don’t replace dummies)
  • Fixed #345 (wrongly rotated armor stands in r-castles)
  • Fixed out of bounds exceptions in plateaus
  • Fixed auto-restocking of itself for trades
  • Fixed ender calamity shield not scaling
  • Fixed animation jittering when game is paused
  • Fixed cqr entity data not being synced
  • Fixed potions of ender calamity minions never dropping
  • Corrected hurt time of ender calamity