Beta 6.8


  • Teleport stone now spawns particles on the location it is set to
  • Archers drop arrows now


  • Updated geckolib dependency to 3.0.21
  • Player summoned creatures drop equipped items now
  • Force field nexus should break faster now

Patches & Fixes:

  • Xiraxis is now the boss of the mansion castle
  • Fixed #334 (shelob spawning in stone in the redstone castle)
  • Fixed boss position in markins castle
  • Enemies in markins castle should always be skeletons and markin
  • Fixed broken chestname in outpost
  • Arena castle now uses CQR tnt
  • Fixed #336 (spiked gloves regaining durability)
  • Fixed vanilla spawner settings being ignored
  • Fixed laser position on exterminator being incorrect
  • Fixed volcano stronghold generating without a boss
  • Fixed number text field usability
  • Fixed gremlins being too wide
  • Fixed entities that can’t open doors not using opened doors
  • Fixed CTS not syncing in lan play
  • Fixed #337 (Spear Enemies Have Infinite Vertical Range)