Beta 6.3

We changed a lot in the structures so please delete your CQR folder before installing


  • Added special cqr tnt, it is meant for dungeon creators and is there to avoid tnt cheesing
  • Traders may now automatically restock their trades over time (by default every 60 minutes one random trade restocks)


  • Normal tnt and other explosives may not destroy blocks in dungeons anymore
  • Vanilla endermen and the enderdragon are now of the creature type “VOID”, making them affected by spectral balsam
  • Terrain blending should be smoother now
  • Improved block light performance (Strongholds from cqr should generate faster now)
  • Moved flying castle to it’s own dungeon config
  • Reduced pirate captain flee spell radius
  • Finished the flamethrower
  • Cleaned up the codebase a lot
  • Made the medium tavern more fireproof
  • Support hills now try to adjust to the terrain
  • Animations on geckolib mobs should now sync better
  • Pirate captain now only teleports when he still has healing potions

Patches & Fixes:

  • Moonlight and Sunshine swords now work properly
  • Fixed initial choice of speech bubbles
  • Fixed #312
  • Fixed #303 (spear crash)
  • Fixed #313 (typo in I&F interface)
  • Potential fix for #302 and #305 (shader error)
  • Fixed banner base color always being black
  • Fixed rendering of attached crown when elytry is in use
  • Fixed the attack vector of the giant tortoise
  • Fixed custom loottables not loading