Beta 6.0

Before you read on: This is the last update for 1.12.2. We will now begin updating the mod to a newer version of minecraft (well, soon, not instantly now).
However, we will still work on bugfixes for 1.12.2 and thus 1.12.2 will continue to receive bugfix updates.

Since we are now busy updating the mod, please be patient, it is a lot of work for us to do since we effectively need to rewrite a large part of the whole mod.

Anyway, have fun with the new dungeons and the 2 bosses as well as with all the other stuff!


  • More config options regarding weapon attributes
  • Proper chain rendering for hookshots (yes, it is pretty now!)
  • Entity-count in dungeons now scale with players in the dungeon in multiplayer (configurable in config)
  • Nicer sounds for revolver and muskets
  • Added sounds for ogres
  • Added sounds for walkers
  • Added smelting recipes for all iron armors and weapons
  • Shift+Leftclick on an entity with the cursed bone in creative assigns that entity type to the cursed bone
  • AI for cqr mobs to use the cursed bone and summon entities (it can be in the main or offhand or both, it has separate AIs for each hand)
  • Added a small helping tool to select positions which are not affected by the protection system in generated structures
  • Added magic bell, it highlights all remaining bosses and the dungeon’s nexus (if it has any). Additionally it highlights breakable blocks and blocks placed by players
  • Reworked the hanging cities: Now has 100% more bridges and generates better
  • Mobs will now run away from electrocuted allies and electric fields
  • Mobs will panic when electrocuted and (if turned on) when on fire
  • Volcanoes now have an entrance at the top of the spiral
  • Added a few new dungeons
  • New internal system to handle emissive textures more dynamically (no more separate eye textures!)
  • Bells can be bought from the friendly enderman adventurer at taverns
  • Added a friendly pirate to the tavern that repairs and sells guns and sells bullets too!
  • Added AI to mobs so they can use the spin to win ability when wielding two blades
  • Mobs may now try to sneak underneath obstacles to get to their targets
  • Similarly, endermen should be able to teleport now
  • Added the possibility to define additional generation grids
  • Added two new bosses:
    • Ender King: The overlord of the endermen
    • Exterminator: WTF did those illagers do to that iron golem?!
  • Added cqr_import_all command, that places all structures in the structure folder together with an exporter block and thus allows editing structures (you need to re-export them and exchange the file though)


  • Completely rebalanced spears
  • Completely rebalanced daggers
  • Completely rebalanced great swords
  • Faction relation entry of villagers uses the class now
  • Spiderhook now renders correctly
  • Updated hookshot, they should be less glitchy now
  • Added openblocks grave to the default whitelist
  • Walker king is now harder to cheese
  • Vegetated caves now generate lower
  • Vegetated caves no longer spawn in jungles
  • castles, volcanoes, ships, randomized snow castles and desert strongholds are rarer now
  • Taverns no longer spawn in snowy areas
  • Outposts are more common now
  • Improved usability of teleport stone
  • Teleport stone works accross dimensions now
  • Increased penalty for killing tavernfolk
  • Gave the enderman adventurer a hat against the rain
  • Reworked dungeon generation, it should be way faster now
  • Illagers now use normal animations
  • Balancing and tweaking (as always)
  • Made dungeon layout less griddy
  • Dungeon rarity has been changed to match the loot quality
  • Dungeon layout in the world is way less griddy now!
  • Big dungeons are rarer now to match their loot quality
  • Removed crafting recipe for cloud boots and golden feathers
  • Rebalanced dungeon spread and rarity (they are rarer now cause they can have really good loot)

Patches & Fixes:

  • Fixed walker king illusion eye rendering
  • Fixed wrong crown offset when entity sits and crown is attached to helmet
  • Fixed “april the first” detection
  • Fixed most advancements not working because of referenced entities not being registered
  • Fixed healers attacking leaders instead of healing them
  • Fixed fire not being breakable correctly
  • Fixed material of temporary web
  • Patched pirate captain’s invisibility animation being buggy
  • Patched missing texture of walker king illusions
  • Patched entities around a pentagram being colored
  • Fixed #280
  • Fixed #281
  • Fixed #293
  • Fix issue with neat crashing the game
  • Fixed tamed horses being used as mounts
  • Fixed light level of CQR blocks
  • Fixed #287 (mobs using GeckoLib not working on servers)
  • Fixed #290 (muskets deleting off-hand items)
  • Fixed buggyness of the nether dragon
  • The giant tortoise may switch it’s size now
  • Fixed glowing eyes not being glowy
  • Fixed cqr_locate command syntax help not being useful
  • Fixed entities loosing their leader
  • Fixed texture of spider armor leggings
  • Fixed mobs having lower ranges when attack smaller mobs
  • Patched many wrong blocks and mobs in some structures