Beta 4

I guess you could call this a content update.

Yes, this also contains april fools!

Update Instructions:

Please delete the CQR folder and the cqrepoured.cfg file before installing this update.
Also we now depend on geckolib and no longer need llibrary

Download geckolib 3.0.0 beta 7 here:


  • added cqr_locate_dungeon command, it allows you to locate dungeons (similar to vanilla’s /locate)
  • added cqr_delete_protected_region command, it allows you to delete all protected regions at a location
  • added proper riding ai to cqr entities
  • added simple auto config updater (it will backup your old configs and replace it with the new configs when updating the mod)
  • added missing loottables
  • added temporary model for spider hook
  • added death animation for giant tortoise
  • added simple gui for the map placeholder block


  • WE NO LONGER DEPEND ON LLIBRARY!!! We now depend on geckolib 3.0.0, beta 7
  • rewrote tortoise to now use geckolib
  • cqr entities won’t ride pigs anymore
  • moved contents of “” to the main config
  • moved contents of “” to the main config
  • moved main config from config folder to the CQR folder
  • organized some of the loottables
  • being in a water bubble now drowns the entity

Patches & Fixes:

  • patched and rebalanced giant tortoise ai (especially transitions and execution times)
  • patched part alignment code of the giant tortoise, it should be more reliable and accurate now
  • fixed vanilla structure detection
  • fixed riding ai
  • fixed wrong range being used when checking for aw2 structures
  • fixed map placeholder rotation