Beta 5

Well we have some small content for you.


  • Mobs now teleport to their leaders when they are too far away
  • Added glowing eyes to walkers, walker king, endermen and shelob
  • Added proper tooltip to the pathtool
  • CQR mobs now can open iron doors which are activated by buttons or levers or pressure plates


  • Mobs behave properly now in terms of choosing their attack target when they are in a party
  • Mobs don’t consume potions in the alchemy bag anymore
  • Alchemy bag is now ‘usable’, by right clicking it throws a potion inside of it, you now have to shift-right-click to open it
  • Ships, small ships and islands now use separate configs instead of just one
  • CQR mobs now use a prettier system for invisibility
  • Knockback resistance on CQR mobs now reduces knockback strength instead of the chance of being knocked back

Patches & Fixes:

  • Fixed exporting entities with applied path
  • Patch for #268
  • Patch for #269
  • NPE patch in bosses (don’t access bossbar when it doesn’t exist)