Beta 4.3

What’s this? A patch update? Well no but actually yes


  • none, didn’t have time


  • improved potion thrower ai, well redid it
  • pirates now can drop bullets
  • cqr entities may no longer strafe when they ride on something
  • cqr entities now checks if a mount is owned by a player before mounting it
  • walker king can’t be cheesed anymore by just placing a spider web (may be applied to other bosses as well)
  • we added a small surprise attack for players that try the axe attack on the walker king
  • ‘harder walker king’ is set to true by default now

Patches & Fixes:

  • fixed #238
  • fixed item duplication bug when using container items
  • fixed crypt key mechanism in redstone-castle
  • fixed healing ai not working as intended
  • fixed problem with valkyrien skies