Beta 2.0

BEFORE INSTALLING THE UPDATE: Please delete the ‘cqrepoured.cfg’ file inside the config folder, otherwise the config may be bugged.

  • Added more option to the paths (path tool)
  • More tooltips in Config GUI and GUIs overall
  • Added descriptions to most items
  • Began internal system for the magic system
  • Protected region saving is much faster and smarter now
  • Protected regions now only get loaded when needed to
  • Small change to the protected region visualization
  • Patch for issue #237 (ticking entity with dynamic stealth)
  • Many many internal changes (well more like a rewrite) to the protection system
  • More debug info for malformed loot entries

Important: It could take some time to open an old world when loading it for the first time with this update (and the next updates), please DO NOT interrupt this process!