Beta 1.1

Now build towards forge 2847 again!

  • Added grass on support hills to look more natural
  • Added various tooltips in config
  • Added EXPERIMENTAL feature to try to prevent generating duplicate dungeons (enabled by default), it is not perfect and not complete!!
  • Added old way to handle factions (if you are on a team with the same name as a faction, that faction considers you as a member)
  • Added visualization for protected regions
  • Added a few JEI integrations to help with GUI usability, not complete yet
  • Removed unused loottables & files
  • Removed some debug outputs
  • Fixed “search attack target” AI
  • Fixed turtle not dying in the void
  • Fixed tables not rendering the item put on it
  • Fixed chunkloading when preparing rCastles (was causing crashes in some cases)
  • Bumped llib version to 1.7.20
  • Files now get cached on server/world startup