Beta 4

I guess you could call this a content update. Yes, this also contains april fools! Update Instructions: Please delete the CQR folder and the cqrepoured.cfg file before installing this update.Also we now depend on geckolib and no longer need llibrary Download geckolib 3.0.0 beta 7 here: Additions: added cqr_locate_dungeon command, it allows you to … Read more

Beta 3.1

A very small update, it only fixes one issue related to boss blocks. We are still working on the mod and yes, there is a lot of stuff going on currently. But we do not publish those as they are not ready to release yet. Additions: [Redacted] Changes: None Patches & Fixes: Boss block not … Read more

Beta 3

A smaller content update, but hey, it is a content update and not a patch. Additions: pirate sounds gremlin sounds own creature attributes for some CQR entities AW2-Integration; CQR will try to avoid placing structures inside or near AW2 structures Changes: summoning circle now has a prettier model CQR endermen now behave like proper endermen … Read more

Beta 2.4

Patch update NPE patch for hookshoots that causes servers to crash NPE patch for vanilla-structure-collision mechanic Potential patch for #248 Potential patch for #246 Fixed fire spreading in protected regions Small patch for walker king lightnings Fixed spell particles Buff damage of tortoise and walker king

Beta 2.2

Another patch release. Fix for NPE in #242 Fix for #241 CQR endermen no longer take damage from projectiles CQR endermen now have particles too Updated protected region chunk reference updating

Beta 2.1

Patches a synchronisation bug and a bug in the protection system logic. It is highly recommended to install this update.

Beta 2.0

BEFORE INSTALLING THE UPDATE: Please delete the ‘cqrepoured.cfg’ file inside the config folder, otherwise the config may be bugged. Added more option to the paths (path tool) More tooltips in Config GUI and GUIs overall Added descriptions to most items Began internal system for the magic system Protected region saving is much faster and smarter … Read more

Beta 1.3

Removed some debug outputs Removed “cascading world gen lag” warning for cqr Removed checking for unexplored structures cause it created a lot of lag Fixed spawners ignoring bottle counts Fixed reputation not saving Fixed custom texture system Navigation AI is a little bit more intelligent now Made check for nearby structures more efficient and intelligent