Alpha 6

Alpha 6 released, another small one, but:

  • you can now write “*” or “all” in dungeon configs to make it generate in all possible biomes.
  • Boss blocks will now display a message if they failed to spawn a boss
  • Liches will now bind themselves to Phylacteries in the area besides the ones that they created themselves.
  • changed the phrasing in the configs to be as confusion-free as physically possible.
  • fixed some bugs with mobs riding eachother.
  • tweaks to mob’s total health pools.
  • Json loot table support is a thing now.
  • (at least partially) fixes compatibility with OTG. We’re talking to its dev now to see if we can get the whole thing sorted.
  • contains some background stuff that will allow us to get strongholds working before that much longer.
  • some previous build contained some stuff I missed apparently, including a new creative tab for mob spawning items and easier ways to spawn armored mobs.

Important: Delete your configs! Old configs for dungeon types won’t work!