Alpha 4

Alpha 4 has been released, it contains:

  • One new castle, Nea Ekkleasia.
  • One new pirate ship type, the one from the exporting tutorial video.
  • Major changes to how loot behaves. More different kinds of items appear in chests by default, and random enchantments are now supported.
  • Dungeon block protection feature removed until further notice (we hadn’t actually implemented a way to remove it after clearing the dungeon yet.)
  • Preliminary half-functional proto-hookshot that you absolutely shouldn’t use if you like it when thinks work is in now.
  • Exports folder has a less confusing name now.
  • Soul Bottles and Mob Spawners will now save anything riding on the captured mob.
  • Fixed some errors in the airship, snow castle spire, and boko camp dungeons.
  • Dungeons are a little rarer by default now. Especially airships.
  • If I’m understanding what meldex did correctly, mobs should actually heal eachother with the healing staff now.
  • Being killed by a mob with a gun no longer claims that you killed yourself.
  • Mobs are now less likely to spawn inside walls and die.
  • Some dungeons rotate 90, 180, or 270 degrees on generation (May still be very buggy)
  • Dungeons now get difficult based on distance from world spawn, rather than the X & Z 0,0 coordinates.
  • CQR illagers no longer attack other mods’ Illagers.
  • Removing an item from a table when your inventory is full no longer deletes it.
  • various behind the scenes bug fixes, performance improvements, and code cleanups.

Important: delete your configs! – some things about the loot system changed on the back end and old configs will behave badly.