Alpha 27.9

Only fixes a bug related to dungeon spawning which could be a cause for some people apparently being unable to find them. In reality however the bug only caused the dungeons to be more far away from the spawn point.

This was caused by miscommunications inside the devs team in terms of choosing relevant commits for the bugfix builds.

Detailed description of the bug:
There is a bug in the dungeon gen code. But first I didn’t thought it could cause so much trouble and second I just forgot to include the fix in one of the bugfix builds.

The “dungeonSpawnDistance” config option is affected by this bug.

How it’s supposed to work:
In a radius of dungeonSpawnDistance chunks from the spawn point there are no dungeons allowed.

How it does work because of the bug:
The size of the area is 16 times larger. Also the area is offset from the spawn point by the coordinates of the spawn point multiplied with 16.

In the mean time I suggest you to just set the dungeonSpawnDistance config option to something <5.