Alpha 27.4

This is a rather big bugfix build. It also contains some performance optimizations.

IMPORTANT For this to work you need to delete your entire CQR/dungeons/ folder (or just rename it to something different…) and the cqrepoured file. Reason is that the volcano config file was changed.

  • Fixed custom loot chests
  • Fixed dyable armor recipes
  • Fixed bug #222
  • Fixed all dungeons always spawning one block too low
  • Completely overhauled the volcano generator
  • Added description for thunder staff
  • Added description for spiked glove
  • Some patches to the giant tortoise ai
  • Patched boss health regeneration
  • Light update setting was removed. It is dependant on having phosphor installed now
  • Many internal patches and improvements
  • Added config option to toggle boss bars on or off, this affects every player on the server
  • Moved the pre-calculation part of the dungeon generation to a separate thread, if you don’t like it you can disable it
  • Removed debug code of r-Castles