Alpha 26

IMPORTANT: This update is basically a complete rewrite of the way structures are placed and saved, so you NEED to DELETE your CQREPOURED FILE and your CQR FOLDER, otherwise it will break and not work!

  • reworked structure saving system, files are now much smaller
  • added caching of files to get rid of file load times ingame
  • structure generation is now way faster and causes way less lag
  • added option to toggle speech bubbles (only affects the client)
  • began work on a dungeon share platform, it will be a website where one can upload dungeon one made and others can download them, but not just that, but more on that when there is more progress
  • dungeons have to be exported again (only affects you if you ever published dungeons you built)
  • performance problems? -> adjust generationSpeed and/or generationLimit config option in cqrepoured.cfg -> advanced
  • made dungeon inhabitant system more configurable, you may now define own inhabitants and you can also change the order of inhabitants when you set it to default, which causes the mob to be selected depending on the dungeon’s spawn distance
  • ranged entities are now able to strafe (configurable via config, default is false), however, some ranged bosses ignore this setting and will always strafe
  • added two new prebuilt cave dungeons you may find underground
  • added one new snow castle (actually one from chocolatin that never made it into the mod)
  • changed the “no boss yet” placeholder to something better
  • added shelob (atm it is missing 2 attacks), she can be found in swamp caves
  • added ability to mobs: they may shoot fireballs if they have one in their offhand
  • added texture for backpack
  • added texture for gun staff
  • soulbottles may now be used by dispensers
  • added a bow pulling animation
  • updated damage/attack speed of daggers/great swords/spears (axes were better than great swords lol)
  • added attack speed attribute to mobs (more attacks per second with swords than with axes)
  • mobs in prebuilt dungeons will have 1 healing potion
  • healing potions heal 50% instead of 20 HP