Alpha 24

IMPORTANT For this to work you need to delete your entire CQR folder and the cqrepoured file A smaller update this time, but we also need some free time. The update mostly contains fixes, a new boss, tweaks and some qol changes. Enjoy!

  • Changed loot tables (entity loot tables are now editable too and the folder structure has changed)
  • Walker king lightning circle AI now doesn’t spawn more than 1 lightning per position now
  • Strongholds now generate far more below the ground and place smaller stair segments to auto adapt the staircase
  • Added Nether dragon (he is one of the easier bosses, he is safe to use now, there are one or two little bugs but those aren’t game breaking and are no problems, side note: he doesn’t spawn naturally atm, but he will appear over nether cities in the future)
  • Fixed dyable armor recipes
  • rCastle hallways are now prettier
  • Added korean translation
  • Made walker king harder but he still is balanced and can be defeated (If you have a problem with that consult the people coming here and complain about him being easy) (this can be turned off btw)
  • Lingering potions may now be put in the potion bag
  • Waker king now has a king crown (and armor(NOT the king armor) too, but you need to enable that in the config)
  • Teleport stone now has a enchanted glint if it has a location stored (plus it can’t be stacked anymore)
  • Soul bottle now has a enchanted glint if it has something stored
  • Fixed hookshots not working on servers
  • Fixed path tool, super tool and structure selector
  • Possibly fixed path saving for pathing AI