Alpha 23

IMPORTANT For this to work you need to delete your loot configs and faction configs.

  • Added dummy shield, give this to a dummy and the shield will auto adapt to the dungeon inhabitant shield on dungeon generation
  • Added two ships
  • Reworked loot tables, there now is less loot but it should work a little better
  • Added AI for the potion bag, fill that thing with splash potions or lingering potions and give it to a cqr entity, it will use potions from that bag and throw it at its target
  • turtle now is stronger
  • corrected the tooltip of the soul bottle
  • Added enchantment chance entry for loot configs
  • sliders for entity GUI are now invisible in survival mode
  • Fixed tortoise not attacking
  • Added a few advancements
  • Walkers now have a spell to defend against flying enemies
  • Dyable armor item stacks are now also colored
  • Dyable armor can now finally be dyed in the crafting table like leather armor
  • Dyable armor can be turned into rainbow armor (Rainbow: dyable armor + red dye + green dye + blue dye + slime balls (slime ball count defines cycle speed) Breathing Color changing: glowstone dusts + dyable armor (glowstone dust count defines cycle speed))
  • Volcano spawners now should spawn less entities
  • Mobs from spawners in volcano have gear now
  • Volcano spawners are now single use
  • Fixed a bug that prevented fire spread
  • Fixed a bug that prevented fires from emitting light
  • Worked on the nether dragon, It may corrupt save files if you spawn and try to kill it, so don’t spawn it (in short: DONT spawn the nether dragon it WILL crash and corrupt your worlds!)