Alpha 22

IMPORTANT For this to work, you need to delete your ENTIRE CQR folder and the cqrepoured file, both are located in the config folder

  • Added vegetated cave dungeon, it can be found in jungles and swamps, if you’re lucky you can enter it through a big hole in the ground
  • Added some raytrace checks in the entity renderer to improve performance when a lot of mobs are around
  • Increased dungeon spawn chances (feedback is still wanted)
  • Small immersion changes to the hookshot
  • Fixed a lot of crashes
  • Patched some things regarding mob choosing
  • Corrected two stronghold rooms (volcano could be affected but i’m not sure)
  • Bosses now take less damage scaling with the amount of players in a 100 block area around the boss
  • Mobs summoned from cursed bones (it doesnt crash the game anymore) now can be edited properly (removed the sliders for survival players to stop players from cheating)
  • Patched some other things in cursed bone and changed the lich loot table a little bit (it allows you to change what it is going to summon by setting the tag “entity_to_summon” to an entity’s resource location, if that is not valid it will summon a skeleton)
  • Walker king now has a loot table
  • Walkers now have a loot table
  • Gremlins now have a loot table
  • Boarmen now have a loot table
  • Changed the treasure loot a little bit
  • Sounds for bubble shooting