Alpha 21

IMPORTANT For this to work, you need to delete your ENTIRE CQR folder and the cqrepoured file, both are located in the config folder

  • Hanging nether city now has a proper air bubble generation
  • Dungeon information is now properly saved
  • better AI for tortoise
  • custom factions are now loaded via .prop files (but they don’t have an actual use atm)
  • various AI updates
  • internal restructuring
  • protection system was patched (and should work properly now)
  • a lot of new r-Castle rooms
  • ores in volcano can be configured now (it takes a list of ores it should place)
  • “unique” option was replaced by “spawnLimit”, which limits the occurence of this dungeon to a certain number. Set it to < 0 to disable this feature. Setting it to 1 means it may only spawn once, 2 means twice, etc
  • new dungeon type: linear stronghold, it spawns in deserts and snowy biomes
  • light updates a bit faster
  • light updates fixed
  • volcano may be a bit faster with delayed block updates
  • not fully generated dungeons are saved as multiple files now
  • protection system is back, this means that in dungeons no mobs will spawn through vanilla (meaning in dark spaces) and you cant place or break blocks until you beat the boss of the dungeon or destroy the force field nexus (in the next update it will be reactivated cause two important things are missing atm)
  • dungeons have a “chance” too now, overall dungeons may be rarer from now on