Alpha 20

For this update to work properly you need to delete your entire CQR folder and the cqrepoured file before installing this update. Both are located in the config folder

  • Added fully implemented walker king, be careful, he is strong
  • Removed the St. Patricks day dungeon
  • Volcano now generates a support platform under it
  • Internal changes to how mob spells work
  • Fixed the cursed bone
  • Updated mounting and attack AI and the mob inventory
  • Updated loot tables for lich and necromancer
  • Gear of summoned mobs can be changed, works for all entities of which you are the leader of
  • A lot of internal patches
  • Fixed super tool being able to kill creative players
  • Dungeons rotating randomly has some few extras (random mirroring)
  • One new castle
  • Added lightning protection enchantment