Alpha 2

Day 1 patch time boys! I asked the team to take a break from working on the mod for 24 hours after it released, and hoo boy did they not listen!

Here’s some patch notes:

  • The winner of the poll for the next dungeon type in #news was castles, however, since this isn’t a democracy, I added two new pirate ships instead.
  • Nether Cities actually spawn in the world and from the creative item now.
  • Block protection system disabled (at least until it’s fully functional)
  • New config option to disable the feature where mobs armor will be damaged as their health goes down.
  • Mounts no longer behave as though the jump key was being held down.
  • Mobs shouldn’t spawn in walls anymore – Now you can put anything you like on any CQR mob’s head.
  • Guns have a cooldown in the offhand now.
  • Player holds gun correctly now.
  • Server Crash should be gone.
  • The correct banners should now appear in dungeons.
  • Fixed some obscure crashes.
  • Fixed an error that prevented the mod from being used with Mo Creeps & Weirdos Revival
  • Fixed an error that caused a crash involving Ice & Fire’s Death worms.
  • Fixed an error that prevented the mod from working alongside other mods that also added mobs named dwarves.

Important: Before downloading this update, make sure to delete your old configs.