Alpha 18.2

This is purely cause of me getting sick of the same issue being reported again and again

  • Fixed server startup bug
  • some AI patches
  • empty config settings now dont cause a crash but a warning
  • fog around bosses is gone now cause it was annoying
  • walker king got 2 new attacks
  • fixed the bug where paintings fell off from walls
  • fixed a bug in relation with better questing
  • now there is a bubble rifle & pistol, which differ in accuracy, firing duration, durability
  • healer mobs now extinguish the fire on the mobs they heal
  • removed a lot of old code
  • began wasp mob (the mount for goblins, it doesnt do much atm, it theoretically spawns in swamps and jungles)
  • super tool now insta kills all mobs
  • turtle is now affected by /kill and no longer attacks creative players