Alpha 15

This update contains fixes, improvements and removes things

  • Less console spam
  • forge 2847 is now required
  • castle fire places shouldnt set the whole place on fire anymore
  • Most CQR mobs can go through doors now
  • CQR mobs now call for help, this means that nearby allies will come to help it
  • Continued turtle, still not done
  • Lich and necromancer now have a loot table
  • necromancer now should summon zombies and skeletons too
  • Improved hook shoot chain
  • Added the cube snow castle
  • Added pirate island
  • Added a few more nether city buildings
  • Skeleton now has its arms normally
  • Health scale now goes up to 1000%
  • various translation updates
  • castle random mob fixed

Please delete your CQR folder and cqrepoured file before installing this update as some configs got changed, or just rename the CQR folder to something else