Alpha 14

This is the update that made CQR fast


  • Added volcano stronghold
  • chain on hookshoots
  • small randomized snow castles do exist now
  • added a small snow outpost for you to discover
  • changed icons of some dungeons (castles and randomized castles)
  • internal restructuring of the structure file
  • placing huge structure now causes less lag (if they use part mode) and is faster (e.g. pirate airship before took about 1-2 minutes, now it takes about 2 seconds to place)
  • Gremlins are now available as dungeon inhabitants
  • Fixed “No dungeons appearing”, this was caused by a bug that ignored the unique dungeon flag and dealt every dungeon as unique
  • began on implementing the turtle, however you cant see it

IMPORTANT: Delete your entire CQR folder!!! It WILL break if you dont do this cause old cqr structure files are INCOMPATIBLE